Arasawaya Ryokan

Arasawaya Ryokan

Arasawaya Ryokan

1446 Hikawa, Okutama-machi, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 198-0212


Rate Information

Weekday Day before
Special day
Stay only,
no meals
A 6,000〜8,000 JPY A 8,000〜10,000 JPY
B 5,000〜7,000 JPY B 7,000〜9,000 JPY
One night with breakfast A 7,000〜9,000 JPY A 9,000〜11,000 JPY
B 6,000〜8,000 JPY B 8,000〜10,000 JPY
One night with 2 meals A 13,000〜15,000 JPY A 15,000〜18,000 JPY A 20,000 JPY
B 12,000〜14,000 JPY B 14,000〜16,000 JPY B 18,000 JPY

A…Rate per person for 2-3 guests per room
B…Rate per person for 4 or more guests per room


※Rates shown are examples.

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